A Step-By-Step Guide To Planning Your Holiday Vacation

How to Make Planning & Booking Your Holiday Trip Easier

Planning a holiday vacation? Follow these steps to make it easier.

  • Determine your budget
  • Choose your destination
  • Determine travel arrangements
  • Book accommodations
  • Research what you’ll do where you are going
  • Pack your bags and head off!

Looking for holiday travel accommodations in Joshua Tree or Big Bear Lake, California? Check out DoorMat Vacation Rentals’ listings today!

image of holiday cabin in California.

Bonus Tip: Book Well in Advance

Vacation rentals in Joshua Tree and Big Bear go fast as the holiday season approaches. With what has panned out to be another exhausting year for many families, people are looking for a place to spend the holidays with the right amount of peace and cheer. Be sure to book your vacation rental plenty in advance so you can get the perfect place when you want to be there.

Vacation Listings in Big Bear Lake, CA

Ultimately, it is the memories that you create when staying at a scenic Big Bear Lake cabin that keeps you coming back. From rustic and simple to luxuriously grand, we can help you find the right property for your family to enjoy this holiday season.

image of Big Bear Lake property rental.
image of Joshua Tree National Park (desert landscape)

Vacation Listings in Joshua Tree, CA

Guests staying at a property in Joshua Tree often spend their days exploring the nearby Joshua Tree National Park. With its rugged rock formations and beautiful desert landscapes, there are thousands of acres of natural land to explore. There is so much to see and do in Joshua Tree. Find the perfect cabin rental in the area below!

Booking With DoorMat

Booking with DoorMat is simple. All you have to do is find the property you like best on our listings page and book it for the days you’ll be staying in Joshua Tree or Big Bear Lake. DoorMat helps make your vacation planning easy!

Have a question? Call us at (909) 375-3373 or contact us online today!

image of cabin under the stars.