What Is DoorMat And Why Should You Use It?

When you’re booking your next getaway, you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of poor service, booking fees, cancellation fees, and all the other hoops that booking sites tend to make you jump through. Instead, use Doormat! We’re your best friend for booking and rentals in Joshua Tree and Big Bear, and we’re here to make your booking experience easier and more enjoyable than ever, so you can focus on having fun on your trip!

couple making reservation on a laptop

Save On Booking Fees By Booking Direct

Have you ever looked at places to stay on a travel website, gotten excited about the great prices, only to be disappointed because the price was nearly doubled from the fees at checkout? We know the feeling, and at Doormat, we never charge booking fees for your stay because we work directly with property owners and rental managers to ensure that you don’t have to pay fees just to book a stay!

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Easy Hassle-free Booking

Booking a stay in a beautiful location shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. Instead of having to figure out complicated booking systems, waiting on emails, or being forced to call some automated customer service line, we make booking fast, simple, and easy. No more hassles, confusion, or jumping through hoops, just easy booking for a fun and enjoyable experience!

Real-Time Availability

When you book with Doormat, you not only get an easy, hassle-free experience for booking your stay, you also get transparency with your desired property’s availability! No more booking a stay just to receive a later email or call saying it wasn’t actually available, our site is updated in real time so you know that your booking is guaranteed.

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Quality Properties

One of the things you know you can count on when you book with Doormat is high-quality spaces to stay in while you enjoy your trip. We always work with our property owners to ensure that the places you’re booking are clean, comfortable, and have everything that is listed in your booking. No misleading photos or information, just beautiful, comfortable vacation spaces to rest and relax in during your stay.

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Book your stay in Joshua Tree or Big Bear with Doormat today! You’ll receive top-quality services, booking that’s easy and hassle-free, and an amazing customer experience. Learn more about us today or get started with your booking by browsing our available properties!