Property Manager vs Landlord: What’s The Difference?

Renting out your vacation property in Big Bear or Joshua Tree can be difficult. You have to take photos, list it online, drive traffic to the site, handle communication with potential renters, and more. DoorMat makes it easy for you by taking on the responsibility of listing and managing your vacation rental properties. To learn more about how our vacation property management business works, continue reading!

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What Is a Landlord?

A landlord owns their property and leases it to another person or organization for rent. A tenant pays the owner for the right to occupy the landlord's property. The tenant has rights as spelled out in the lease agreement between him or her and the landlord.

What Is a Property Manager?

A property manager is hired by the landlord to manage their property. This means they are responsible for marketing their rental unit, screening renters, collecting rents, paying bills, and more. Property managers report back to landlords periodically about how things are going at the particular units they are caring for.

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Where the Confusion Comes From

The line becomes blurred when some owners start to care for their own properties rather than hiring a property manager. In this case, the owner becomes both landlord and property manager — but they aren't really either role.

How DoorMat Is Involved

We are a vacation rental property management company which puts us in the role of property managers and you in the position of a landlord. While we help maintain your property and provide an enjoyable stay for guests, all you have to do is enjoy yourself at home and watch your revenue increase.

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To take the stress off your shoulders of renting your vacation properties by yourself and get the most out of them, work with DoorMat. Contact us today and let us help you drive more revenue.