Benefits of using a Vacation Rental Property Manager

One of the questions that we are (understandably) asked on a daily basis is “why should I use your service to do what I can do myself for free?”. Well, there are quite a few very good reasons to invest in a property manager and here are just a few of them:


First impressions count and if you don’t get someone’s attention within the first few seconds then you’re never going to get it. So it is really important that your listings look amazing and present you in the best possible light. Vacation Rental Property Managers help you do exactly that by using photos that we know work, engaging headlines and description text and being able to highlight features which we know, through our experience, are attractive to guests.


These days everyone is busy and having to spend a few hours each week managing booking, organising cleaners, communicating with guests and all of the other small tasks which come with property management take away from time to do the things that matter most to you. Whether spending time with the family, time working on your hobbies or just binging the latest Netflix series we all need time to ourselves to take care of the important things in life. Vacation Rental Property Managers take all of this off your hands and give you the freedom to live your life whilst still making money from your investments. It really is the best of both worlds!


By having a Vacation Rental Property Manager taking care of your property or properties you can offer all of your guests the same level of service and this ensures that your reviews will in general be of a higher standard which in turn attracts more guests. It also means that you can rest assured knowing that everyday people browsing properties in your area will see a professional listing which helps you stand out from the crowd.


All of the above points lead to the most important one of all; increasing your revenue. We have one goal and that is to improve your income from your rental property or properties. We do this through: Ensuring professional listings Industry experience and expertise Technology designed to maximize your exposure and income Consistency which helps to generate great reviews, repeat business and word of mouth business Living and breathing the vacation rental industry If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about how we work and what we can help with we’d love to have a chat.