4 Incredible Vacation Homes You Can Stay In This Holiday Season

Christmas Getaways That Feel Like a Home Away From Home

Looking for a Christmas getaway in Southern California? DoorMat manages a variety of perfect retreats ranging from as low as $30 a night! Find the perfect festive getaway for enjoying the holidays away from home this year!

image of Hillside Hideaway’s living room.

Hillside Hideaway

Hillside Hideaway in Big Bear Lake, CA is perfect for couples and small families to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some quality time together. It is a two bedroom, one bathroom cabin with a fireplace and right by the lake.

A Romantic Holiday Retreat

Another excellent, intimate place for couples just down the road from the Hillside Hideaway is peaceful Cabin 805. Clean air, friendly people, and lots of great activities in the area. Check out the full listing below for more pictures!

picture of Cabin 805’s living room.
image of Crest View house.

Crest View, Close to Joshua Tree National Park

This house is located centrally in Joshua Tree, CA. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms — perfect for a larger family looking for a place near the national park for the holidays. This is a great choice when you are looking to spend Christmas in the mountains!

Malabar Mountain Manor

Want to rent a cozy, spacious cabin in Big Bear, CA? This cabin is aesthetically pleasing, excellently located, and has space for the whole family. Check out more pictures on the full listing!

image of Malabar Mountain Manor.

If you are looking for a cabin retreat for your family this holiday season in Southern California, check out the listings from DoorMat Vacation Rentals today! Have a question? Call us at (909) 375-3373 or contact us online today!